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Wife’s infidelity


The betrayal of the wife – this is a serious blow to your relationship. In this situation, you have every right to go! But this approach can provoke the question: Was there love? If so, can it is necessary to forgive, and how to survive the betrayal of his wife then?

Usually considered a betrayal of his wife on the bodily level. But this is only the result of the maturation of emotions and any inner experiences.

Wife plays a leading role in the family and is much more likely to commit adultery. She firmly believes in loyalty to her husband, suddenly changes his outlook, and puts at stake almost everything: marriage, children’s welfare, stability, its reputation and social status.

Where and with whom does your wife betray?

  1. At work.

One-third of married women find themselves lovers at work, where she is in constant contact with men.

  1. An example of another woman, a friend, a powerful factor for the betrayal of the wife.
  2. If the wife does not get sexual satisfaction, she feels unhappy in marriage. And this behavior is their “legal” justification for their actions.

Between 30 and 40 years of betrayal of the wife more often.

Treason wife may even occur, being happily married, just for the novelty of sensations and pleasure. Such a wife is not considered a sexual betrayal of the wife for treason, as love and sex for them – are completely different things. Love – all, sex – for exciting emotions and entertainment. Many women are attracted to the romance – this is what is missing in the family life, the so-called “humdrum life”.

How to determine whether the wife is cheating on you?

  1. Frequent communication via SMS
  2. Delayed after work
  3. Speaking on the phone in the other room
  4. Do not say, where she is
  5. Often offended for no reason
  6. Rarely tells you about her feelings
  7. There is a change in their sexual lives
  8. Extremely attentive to her appearance
  9. Often, she says about divorce.
  10. Began to appear new things and valuables.

On such signs you suspect your wife of infidelity. But, as the saying goes: “Do not be caught, not a thief.”

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