Genealogical tree ( family tree)


Today is increased the interest to the history of our kin, family, surname. Ukrainians are building a new democratic and free society for which historically is the main attribute of freedom of information, freedom of knowledge of the world and oneself, the freedom of access to many archival documents. There are a lot of State benefite to  develope  people in terms of patriotism and loyalty to their country, which is a product of the same ancestral knowledge, when the memory of the ancestors, the study of life gives rise to research their small homeland, which in turn revives the sense of careful attitude to its history, customs, traditions.

The epoch of ignirance is in the past. The Soviet Union was beneficial to manipulate the people without roots and family affection. We understand that to know the history of a kind – it means to restore the lost connection with time, enlist the support of family, to become closer to each other and, in the end, to know yourself, and perhaps understand its purpose. After all, your desire to draw or to get involved in music can be “voice of blood” great-grandmother – renowned artist or great-grandfather – the brilliant pianist. In addition, psychologists are confident that personal problems of your great-great-kin have a direct impact on your destiny, relations with the opposite sex, to interact with life itself. And they can be solved, just knowing what your relatives lived fifty, a hundred or more years ago. It is interesting, is not it? Want to know more? Then act!


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