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Search for missing persons


Missing is a person who has disappeared for no apparent reason. To organize search of the missing need to determine:


– Surname, name;

– Date of birth of the missing;

– Registered office, place of residence;

– Date and time of extinction;

– Last known location;

– Intended route and place of repetition;

– His emotional state, the character of the disease (if any);

– Communication, hobbies, activities;

– Relationships with others;

– Appearance (biometric data);

– Individual features (birthmarks, tattoos, scars, etc.);

– Clothing items available to a have a missing person;

– Photo.

As a result of the findings of fact and the exceptional personality trait is an individual set of search measures missing.


Search for missing persons – Common Causes

– Accident (sudden memory loss, drowning, traffic accidents, falling from a great height);

– When the missing person is not due to report themselves or deliberately concealed;

– A crime committed by relatives or acquaintances for profit (to seize property, robbery).

Missing person can fall under the influence of various sects, who are interested in material possessions. To avoid the above, we recommend to immediately seize the operations associated with the apartment wanted man in the law.

According to statistics from hundreds of applications a day for search of people goes to the cities. As a rule, the missing people are found in the city’s hospitals, most return themselves.

It happens that come across strange cases of sudden memory loss, and the person can not understand who he is and how he found himself in this place. Remember friends and family, he also can not. In a number of incidents memory manages fully or partially restored.


Search for missing persons – Conducting search operations


Carrying out search activities on the possible route of the missing person allows you to calculate a variety of information about him. Checks purchase tickets and ground auto rail transport.

Verification of residence makes it possible to identify the circle of friends of the missing (notepads, notebooks, etc.). determine the presence or signs of a struggle on the contrary, the right things (eg, lack of money, clothing and personal care products requires a long trip somewhere).


Search for missing persons – Filing declarations


Implementation of the application made to the police department at the place of actual residence rights. Searching work begin immediately, without waiting for 3 days as most people assume. According to the statement, you can redirect to another instance, or bring a criminal case.

An employee who is responsible for it, in many cases, there is in addition a dozen such cases. In addition, the superiors are constantly distracted by a variety of activities that are not related to the search. Therefore, the usefulness of the investigation in such cases is extremely small. But if a criminal case under article Murder, a statement forwarded to the Criminal Investigation Department, whose capabilities exceed a few times.


The reason for criminal prosecution may be the following:

– The disappearance of persons under the age of majority;

– Wanted man was moving on a vehicle or has a large amount of money;

– Carry out any transactions with housing before or after loss;

– Communication with the underworld threat to the life or other facts, in consequence of which it is possible to assume criminal trace missing.


We draw your attention to the fact that recourse to private detective agency “Detective-PIK” makes a very big chance for a positive outcome in the search of the missing person and on the other hand, recourse to fortune-tellers, magicians and psychics did not lead to finding a wanted none of treatment of cases.