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You tell me: “why look for?

Long gone, those who killed here,

Gone and those that could wait

And they all long since forgotten… ”

Almost every family of our state have relatives missing during the Second World war (great Patriotic war). Any information, photos, letters are kept in the family. But when you find the name of a close person in databases, reports, etc., immediately before the eyes a distinct picture of military action during the war. And get the feeling that if you knew at least some information or detail about it, then your soldier will not be alone in the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Detective Agency “Detective-CHEEK” always performs tasks in a specified period of you will be aware of the process of investigation. We are working on the conscience, our task is to perform the service and satisfy the customer. The image and reputation of our detective Agency more money!

In the course of events related to search for missing participants of the great Patriotic war, we can provide you complete information about your relative, where we will tell you in detail about what title he(she)had, what regiment, division, what duties were performed, participated in secret missions if there were awards, medals, etc. Private detective Agency “Detective-chick” sincerely engaged in the search of missing persons. We value the history and memory of the people who gave the most precious – their lives, for peace and victory over the enemy! In the first stage search just the surname, name, patronymic, year of birth, preferably the title. If it’s Petrov Petr Petrovich, then, of course, will be more difficult. It is necessary to show persistence and perseverance to make sure that this is the person needed. In such cases, more outgoing information and details – full name of wife, mother, the village’s name, the city where he was drafted, the place of birth. Having addressed in our detective Agency “Detective-chick”, You will be informed about the investigation and search for missing relatives. The end result of search for missing soldier should be a paper on the burial site of a relative and information, in what military unit (army, division or regiment) he fought. If there is no such document, our detectives are in contact with search teams, who still find the remains of fallen soldiers identificeret them and carried out the reburial.

In detective Agency “Detective-chick” You purchase the services, which are performed not only in time but also in the most expanded form. What we are doing meets all the standards of investigation, accordingly, You will always reveal all the mysteries and find the person close to You. Also on your agreement, we can leave this data in your archive database. In case of loss or damage to data, You can always contact the detective Agency “Detective-chick” and we will always welcome your contacting at any time of the day!